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10.15.12: Former King of Cambodia Norodom Sihanouk – DEAD!

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 In his latter years, Sihanouk successfully ran for mayor of Boca Raton, Florida. Sweet gig, man.

Former king of Cambodia Norodom Sihanouk died this week, and since I don’t know anything about Cambodia this makes me really… sad… ? Relieved… ? Hungry? Let’s just go with respectfully disinterested. Ah, that feels nice. GOOOOOOOOOO CULTURAL IGNORANCE!

The keffiyeh models over at NPR daintily tapped out the following on their iPads:

His former information official Prince Sisowath Thomico recalls that when politics got rough, Sihanouk would escape into lavish parties, where he would wine, dine and sing for his guests. His real personality, Sisowath Thomico says, was that of an artist.

Sihanouk directed several movies, including the 1992 film My Village At Sunset, about a love triangle in a hospital full of land mine victims. Sihanouk also painted, played in a jazz band and was a big fan of Elvis Presley ballads.

Cambodia’s French colonial rulers assumed he would make a good puppet king when they put him on the throne in 1941. Instead he helped Cambodia win its independence in 1953.

I’m not gonna call anyone a liar, but I’m upwards of 1000% certain that that’s just the premise of some lost Chris Farley movie. “He farted a LOT, and that really resonated with me,” raved one reviewer. Hmm. Hey, remember when this blog used to be classier?

Source: NPR

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