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02.29.12: Davy Jones – DEAD!

Filed under: Dead —James @ 11:30 pm February 29, 2012

If you wanna argue with Google Images be my guest, but that’s definitely Nesmith on the left.


Bad news for people who like The Beatles but wish they had way less balls. And had other people write most of their songs for them. Basically, bad news for my mom. She’s gonna be crushed. I still haven’t told her about Perry Como.

Which is all a very eloquent way of letting you know that Monkee/three-time ‘Man-Teet & Eerily Hairless Chest Competition’ champion Davy Jones has died due to a heart attack. Look, I’m doing my best here but I’m gonna have a hard mustering up much nostalgic sympathy for some dude whose claim to fame is a boy band that nobody’s thought about in ages. It’s like asking me to care when Joey Fatone inevitably dies from starvation after spending a week with his head stuck in a honey pot. It’s just the natural order of things.


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